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My 49 Merc

More Cool Car Photos Tree Chop Car Show December, 1997

49 Merc Chopped 3-1/2"
49 Merc Coupe Rear View

A ‘49 Merc which I owned for a very short time. “I got an offer I couldn’t refuse!”

37 Ford Cabriolet

Saw this beautiful new Sam Foose Built 37 Cabriolet at last show I went to. Will probably be magazine car soon.

34 Fuschia Flamed 3 Window

Do you like flames? Winnie the Pooh does... Yahooooo! This gorgeous 34 Ford belongs to Gene & Barbara Dunn of Ventura, Ca. Magenta paint is outstanding. They are “Rodfathers”.

Fat fendered 41 Merc

I always did like fat fendered customs. Hard to ignore a car like this 41 Merc!

John, Rosie and Yours Truly

Here’s yours truly! Thats me in the chair. A couple of friends stopped by. This was first time I used my new digital camera I got for Xmas. Excuse the blurry images. I’ll figure it out!